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Multilingual Services

Multilingual services

Murray Flynn Solicitors have helped thousands of clients nationwide since forming in 1996. Thanks to our expertise in Personal Injury Litigation* we have broadened access to justice for many people living in Ireland for whom English was not their first language. Our hard work, specialised knowledge and compassionate approach have helped to acquire a considerable reputation among many communities of non-native speakers living in Ireland as the ‘Go To’

Since 2008 we have worked with several community organisations to enable people who were not born in Ireland access to Irish legal representation and to deal with many of their legal problems.

Our motto is:

“Professionalism, Commitment and Compassion”

One of the major problems raised by many people injured in road traffic accidents*, work accidents* or accidents in public places* in Ireland was a difficulty in accessing and gaining a basic understanding of procedures within the Irish legal system. Due to the language barrier it was very hard to discuss the matters thoroughly, understand what is being said and be understood. It was frustrating not to be able to follow the procedures or court proceedings. Many people preferred to focus on their own recovery instead of going through additional stress of having to deal with the procedures. People wanted to be informed in advance of what they need to do to be able to acquire a just compensation*. For instance, it was helpful if one could provide as much information at the beginning of the case as possible so it will be easier to establish liability, or to know that it is advisable to collect and store all receipts for medical treatment so it could form part of their special damages.

We responded to issues that people have had. Currently we offer services in English, Polish, Slovak and Romanian and we have native speakers of the above languages working directly in the office to assist you.

Establishing trust is important. We invite you for a meeting in our offices where you can speak in your own language, and we can discuss your case going forward. We will take the burden of the legal issues of your shoulders so you could focus on getting your life back to normal.

We are here for you. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience.

COVID-19 - Safety message from Murray Flynn Solicitors

During the ongoing Covid 19 Restrictions, our office is open for business. We are able to meet safely with clients by appointment in our Fairview office.

If you have any concerns about coming to meet us to discuss an accident you have been involved in, we are happy to arrange a Zoom Call or meet with you in your own home to advise you.

Stay safe

Murray Flynn Solicitors Team