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Garda Compensation Claim*

For almost 20 years Murray Flynn Solicitors have been assisting members of An Garda Siochána obtain compensation* for injuries suffered on duty.

The Garda Siochána Compensation* Acts l941 and l945 entitles members of the force to apply to the Department of Justice and Equality when they are injured on duty.

To succeed with a Garda Compensation Case* there are really only two facts that need to be established:

  • Malice:    you must be able to establish that the Garda sustained injury due to the malicious act of the perpetrator or perpetrators.
  • Injury:    you must be able to establish that the injury was not a minor injury (in a recent case the High Court held that a broken little finger was not a minor injury).

Our motto is:

“Professionalism, Commitment and Compassion”

The process recognises the unique role that An Garda Siochána play in Irish society. It ensures that in the event of an injury or loss of life that they or their family are appropriately compensated*.

There are strict time limits for the submission of an application under the Garda Compensation* Code. The initial application must be made within three months of the incident (although the Minister has some discretion to extend this time period). Once an application is made and Medical Reports are submitted the Garda Chief Medical Officer will report his findings to Garda Management. The Minister issues an Authorisation and an application is made to the High Court where the injured member must give evidence.

If you would like to discuss a Garda Compensation Claim* please feel free to contact us.

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If you have any concerns about coming to meet us to discuss an accident you have been involved in, we are happy to arrange a Zoom Call or meet with you in your own home to advise you.

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