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Accident at Work*

Murray Flynn Solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in assisting thousands of workers in securing compensation* for injuries arising from accidents* occurring in the workplace.

It is important to know that Irish Law puts a strict legal obligation on employers to ensure that they have a good system of work and a safe place of work as well as appropriate equipment to carry out the job their employees are supposed to do. Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 relates not only to full time employees but also to agency workers.

Employees can often get injured at work when lifting and carrying objects, as a result of a slip or trip and fall, faulty equipment, lack of proper training, excessive duties or the non-enforcement or non-application of health and safety measures.

Depending on the type of work engaged in, the risk of injury can change. Some forms of work such as in factories, building sites, meat plants often carry a more serious risk of accident*. However, even in seemingly more safe work environments such as retail or office environments, accidents* can still happen.

Our motto is:

“Professionalism, Commitment and Compassion”

If you have suffered a personal injury* as a result of the negligence of your employer, you may be entitled to seek compensation*. In order to ensure that you are in a position to bring a claim* and prove what happened, it is vitally important that you report the accident* and injury to your line manager at the earliest opportunity.

Above all, it is hugely important that you seek medical advice regarding your injury to assist you in directing your recovery and treatment. This will help you to get back to full health and back to work as quickly as possible.

If you have suffered a personal injury* as a result of a workplace accident*, you may be unable to work for a period of time. If you are not paid during the time off by your employer, we can look to recover this as part of your case.

If you would like to discuss personal injuries* arising from an occupational injury, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

COVID-19 - Safety message from Murray Flynn Solicitors

During the ongoing Covid 19 Restrictions, our office is open for business. We are able to meet safely with clients by appointment in our Fairview office.

If you have any concerns about coming to meet us to discuss an accident you have been involved in, we are happy to arrange a Zoom Call or meet with you in your own home to advise you.

Stay safe

Murray Flynn Solicitors Team