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About us

Murray Flynn Solicitors

“Professionalism, Commitment and Compassion”

Murray Flynn is a long established and reputable firm of Solicitors with extensive knowledge and experience in Personal Injury* Litigation in Ireland. Established in 1996 we have assisted thousands of clients nationwide who suffered an injury or damage in accidents* caused by third party negligence. We also practise in the areas of Property Law, Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney and Wards of Court applications.

For over 30 years we have assisted clients all over Ireland. We know how hard it is to seek justice while you are injured and your health, wellbeing and financial situation are affected. We understand that being injured in an accident* and trying to understand Irish law and the legal system can be daunting. We are here to help take the pressure of bringing a claim* off your shoulders to allow you to prioritise your own recovery. We have focused on making law accessible to non-native speakers. We have native Irish, Polish, Slovak and Romanian speakers working in our office to assist you.

From our first phone conversation we will guide you through the Irish legal system and we will work hand in hand with you through all stages of handling of your claim* to achieve the best possible outcome for you. During our first meeting we will explain the process and steps involved in your claim* and we will answer any queries that you may have in relation to your claim*.

We provide regular updates at each stage of your case to ensure your peace of mind. Our excellent and experienced colleagues in the office and the processes that we have developed allow us to move your case along steadily and without delay.

Our motto is:

“Professionalism, Commitment and Compassion”

We are proud of our reputation among our clients. Our teams of professionals are committed to providing the highest level of service while striving to be of the utmost assistance in finding fair, equitable and timely solutions to your legal problems. Our expertise, gained in a very broad range of cases, allows us to provide you with clear, practical, and impartial advice. It is very important to us that you understand all aspects of the work that we carry out for you and we make sure to use plain language and avoid any legal jargon.

Firm history

The founding Partners have been in practice for over 30 years. The firm has grown and developed over the years to cover a number of practise areas.

Since 2008 we have worked with a number of community organisations such as Slovak Centre – Ireland, New Communities Partnership, Fingal Ethnic Network, and Romanian Community of Ireland to enable non-native speakers access legal representation and to deal with many of their legal problems.

Murray Flynn Solicitors have been supporting a number of cultural events that strengthen multinational ties and friendships organised by Slovak, Polish and Romanian Community.

For 8 years we have been supporting the Slovak Annual Ball and in 2011, 2012 and 2013 we have contributed toward Slovak Cultural Week. We have also taken part in many initiatives such as yearly Polish Irish Festival ‘Polska Eire Festival’ officially supported by the Polish Embassy and Ladies Night, a monthly gathering of entrepreneurial women. We have been engaged in promotion of multinational events organised by Hello Irlandia, a Polish radio on 103.2 Dublin City FM. Murray Flynn has also been supporting cultural events organised by Romanian Community of Ireland such as Romanian National Day (1st of December) and International Women’s Day (8th of March).


We are a multilingual firm with native Irish, Polish, Slovak and Romanian speakers working in the office.


In 2019 the firm’s name was changed from Murray Flynn Maguire to Murray Flynn Solicitors to reflect the two founding partners.


We are based in Dublin, just a few minutes from the City Centre. Our offices are conveniently located at 12 – 16 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3. Please visit Contact Us page for further details including a map.

Our Core Practice Areas

Personal Injury Litigation*

Road Traffic Accident*/Claim*

Car Accident* /Claim*

Bicycle Accident*/Claim*

Motorcycle Accident*/Claim*

Passenger Accident*/ Injury

Pedestrian Accident*/ Claim*

Fatal Road Accident*/Claim*

Children’s Road Traffic Accident*/ Minor Claim*

Hit and Run Accident*/ Claim*

Rear-End Collision/ Claim*

Bus Accident*/ Claim*

Luas Accident*/ Claim*

Taxi Accident*/ Claim*

Motorway Accident*/ Claim*

Multiple Vehicles Accident*/ Claim*

Merging Traffic Accident*/ Claim*

Accident At Work*/ Injury At Work

Assault At work

Accident In A Public Place*

Other types of Accidents*/ Claim*

Garda Compensation Claims*

Expertise in handling claims* under the Garda Compensation Acts where members of An Garda Siochana have suffered injuries in the course of their duties.

Property Law

We are happy to assist you with all your residential property requirements, whether large or small. We act for clients in relation to:

The purchase, mortgage and sale of new and second-hand houses and apartments

Re-mortgages and equity releases

Land/site transfers and exchanges

The acquisition and disposal of second homes and investment properties

Voluntary transfers, including transfers into joint names of husband & wife/partner & partner, parent to child etc.

Co-ownership agreements/cohabitants’ agreements

Boundary rectifications and title issues.

Wills And Probate

Planning for the future and looking after the wellbeing of your family and dependents when you die is very important. We offer a range of services to assist you and your loved ones.


We act for clients in relation to the drafting and making of their Wills, including advising in relation to Succession Act rights, estate planning and the inheritance tax implications of bequests to beneficiaries.

Probate and Administration of Estates

We act for clients in relation to dealing with all aspects of administering a deceased’s estate, including extracting a Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration, arranging to collect in the assets of a deceased’s estate, discharge estate debts and arranging for distribution of the net estate.

Probate Litigation and Estate Disputes

We also act for clients in contentious matters*, including disputes concerning the validity of a Will, claims* of undue influence, disputes in relation to inheritance rights and entitlements and claims* of spouses and children under the Succession Act.

Powers Of Attorney And Wardship Matters

On occasion you may need to appoint a specific person (an Attorney) to take actions on your behalf, i.e. for business reasons when you are travelling abroad or as a precaution in the event that you should become incapable of managing your own affairs, due to temporary incapacity, illness, accident* or a progressive degenerative disease. No matter the reasons, we are happy to guide and assist you through the process.

Ordinary Powers of Attorney

We assist clients in the making of Ordinary Powers of Attorney, whether general or specific in nature.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

We assist clients in the making of Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs), and we act for Attorneys in relation to registering EPAs in the High Court.

Wards of Court Applications

Where a person has not made an EPA and becomes non compos mentis, i.e. lacking the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, we advise and act for clients, such as concerned relatives, in relation to the making of the necessary application to the High Court to have the individual taken under the protection of the Court and made a Ward of Court.

For more information please see personal injury and our legal services sections of our website.

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    We Are Committed To Achieving Excellent Results For Our Client

    • positive review  Chcem poďakovat všetkým v Murray Flynn Solicitors hlavne p.Blažekovi a p. Blažekovej za profesionálny prístup a pomoc pri odškodnení. Maximalna spokojnosť. Všetko dobre Vám prajem a ďakujem

      Destiny S Path Avatar Destiny S Path
      1st April 2021

      positive review  After my personal experience I would like to say big thanks towards Mr. Rastislav Blažek. I recommend this company and I give them a 5 star rating. Won my case with an ease. Very professional approach.

      Erik Mikulka Avatar Erik Mikulka
      29th March 2021

      positive review  Highly recommended MURRAY FLYNN MAGUIRE SOLICITORS. Big thanks for John Flynn, Mari Preda and Lucian Tatulescu for professional and friendly service!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

      Artur Bała Avatar Artur Bała
      27th March 2021
    • positive review  Bardzo dziękuję, za szybkie rozwiązanie mojej sprawy pani Monice Forrest oraz panu John Flynn. Wasza pomoc ,wsparcie, organizacja oraz doświadczenie zaowocowały wspaniałym rezultatem. Bardzo polecam firmę Murray Flynn 10/10.

      Magda Lena Andrzejewska Avatar Magda Lena Andrzejewska
      27th March 2021

      positive review  I would like to thank you Mari Preda and Shane O' Brien for your help and support. Highly recommend them to everyone, very professional. Thanks a mill to all team in Murray Flynn Solicitors

      Mihaela Pascu Avatar Mihaela Pascu
      5th March 2021

      positive review  Právnickú kanceláriu Murray Flynn Solicitors hodnotím veľmi pozitívne. Môžem vrelo odporúčať ich profesionálne služby. Týmto im chcem poďakovať za pomoc, podporu a poradenstvo v mojom prípade. Zvlášť chcem vyzdvihnúť komunikáciu s pánom Rastislavom Blažekom a taktiež prekladateľské služby ktoré poskytujú. Ak by som potreboval ešte niekedy právnu pomoc určite sa na Murray Flynn Solicitors obrátim znova

      Michal Gajdos Avatar Michal Gajdos
      3rd March 2021
    • positive review  I was very well attended by Dr. Flynn, with who I felt very confortable talking about my case. Together with him, I was accompanied by Mr Bruno, a Brazilian, who helped me to talk about this delicated situation in English. Today I'm feeling safer, knowing that I have a place to rely on in Dublin. Fui muito bem atendida pelo Dr. Flynn, com quem me senti muito confortável falando sobre o meu caso. Junto com ele, estava acompanhado pelo Sr. Bruno, um brasileiro, que me ajudou a falar sobre esta delicada situação em inglês. Hoje estou me sentindo mais segura, sabendo que tenho um lugar onde confiar em Dublin.

      Mayara Oselieri Avatar Mayara Oselieri
      19th February 2021

      positive review  Mulțumesc echipei de avocatura pentru ajutorul acordat.Oameni foarte capabili au rezolvat cazul intr-un timp foarte scurt.Recomand cu încredere !

      Dorina Nica Avatar Dorina Nica
      3rd February 2021

      positive review  I would like to thanks a million to all team in Murray Flynn Solicitors and highly recommend them to everyone, they are really friendly, understanding and the most important so profesional! Thank you Mari Preda for your patience and suport ! All the best !????✅

      Viorica Andrei Avatar Viorica Andrei
      3rd February 2021
    • positive review  Would highly recommend the services provided. Everyone on the team is a pleasure to work with. Mr Flynn is extremely professional along with Mari Preda & rest of team.

      Rodica Buga Avatar Rodica Buga
      20th November 2020

      positive review  Chcel by som sa podakovat celemu teamu Murray Flynn solicitors, ktori sa podielali na rieseni mojho pripadu odskodnenia za pracovny uraz. Obzvlast by som chcel podakovat Rastovi Blazekovi a p.Soni Blazekovej, ktori obaja aktivne pracovali na mojom pripade, priebezne a vzdy ma informovali o postupoch, konzultovali so mnou moznosti v jednotlivych fazach a svojim profesionalnym pristupom mi znacne ulahcili cely priebeh pripadu. Vzdy zodpovedali moje dotazy a boli mi napomocni kedykolvek som ich oslovil. Rasta Blazeka som na zaciatku oslovil na zaklade predoslych referencii od mojich znamych a som velmi rad, ze sa mojho pripadu ich kancelaria ujala. S vysledkom mojho pripadu som nadmieru spokojny a Vasu firmu kedykolvek odporucim svojim znamym a priatelom. Stefan Semancik

      Stefan Pistik Semancik Avatar Stefan Pistik Semancik
      17th November 2020

      positive review  I highly recommend Murray Flynn Solicitors.Very professional and great service.Thank you very much Mari Preda and John for the support! Wish all the best to the team.

      Cristi Ghinescu Avatar Cristi Ghinescu
      2nd October 2020
    • positive review  I highly recommend this solicitor, at each stage, I was kept informed about the progress of my case. Honest, solid service and very helpful lawyers. Very professional and very friendly! Thank You!Agnieszka.

      Kuba Kotrys Avatar Kuba Kotrys
      2nd October 2020

      positive review  Bardzo dziękuję całemu zespołowi Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors za otrzymana pomoc oraz szybkie i bezproblemowe zakończenie mojej sprawy. W pełni polecam kancelarie Murray Flynn Maguire za profesjonalne i rzetelne podejście.

      Grzegorz Kowalczyk Avatar Grzegorz Kowalczyk
      30th September 2020

      positive review  When choosing a law firm to instruct in my personal injury claim I received many positive references about their Rastislav Blazek. After meeting him I decided that I want this law firm to represent me. Clear and effective communication, strong customer oriented approach and professionalism and excellence in every piece o0f their work. Excellent and friendly service from the start to the end. Mr and Mrs Blazek kept me always up to date regarding the stage of my case. I would also like to thank to Mr. Murray and the whole team (even though I do not remember names of all of them) for their hard work on my claim and for bringing it to a successful result. I can not simply recommend this law firm enough. I would recommend them to all my friend and anyone who may looking for a personal injury claim specialists. Thank you.

      Jan Fatrdla Avatar Jan Fatrdla
      16th September 2020
    • positive review  Am fost foarte multumita de serviciile dumneavoastra.Voi recomanda cu incredere pe viitor. si voi apela oricand cu incredere.Multumesc.

      Alexandrina Galatan Avatar Alexandrina Galatan
      14th September 2020

      positive review  I cannot recommend Murray Flynn solicitors enough. My solicitor, John went above and beyond in representing me in a personal injury case. John and his team could not have done more for me and I will be forever thankful and sincerely greatful, for all the help and advice I received over a 2 and a half year period. Right from the beginning they were professional, friendly, and hard working. A special thanks to the girls in the office for all their hard work, They were always quick and prompt in responding to any updates or querys I had in relation to my case. Sincerely, Thank you again for everything. Anna

      Anna Paulina Maron Avatar Anna Paulina Maron
      2nd September 2020

      positive review  It was so stressful for me to stand up against my ex- employer but Myrray Flynn Solicitors helped me to go through the whole process of getting justice. From the very first day we have met till the very last day in court. I would like to thank John Flynn especially who have kept me calm and secure during this awkard time for me. Time which was difficult, uncertain and somehow strange. Thank you John. Thank you very much. Thank you Monika Baranowska. You are such an amazing woman. And I would like to say a big thanks to the all staff who did care about me and my case (receptionists, typewriters and all). you are All amazing. I will be recomending you everywhere.

      Elizabeth Oleksiak Avatar Elizabeth Oleksiak
      14th April 2020
    • positive review  I really wanted to recommend MURRAY FLYNN MAGUIRE, great people, everything on ???? ♥ ️ Thank you for your help I recommend these people, Thank you

      Wedrychowicz Hana Avatar Wedrychowicz Hana
      9th January 2020

      positive review  Ogromne podziękowania dla całego zespołu za pełen profesjonalizm,zaangazowanie, przemiła obsługę.Z całego serca polecam współpracę z Murray Flynn Maguire.

      Adrian Hasnik Avatar Adrian Hasnik
      1st January 2020

      positive review  Dziękuję bardzo wszystkim pracownikom Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors, którzy prowadzili moją sprawę, a przede wszystkim John Flynn, Monika Gostomska, Monika Baranowska, Jolanta Lenkiewicz. Pracownicy kancelarii są mili, rzetelni i profesjonalni w tym co robią. Polecam współpracę z nimi.

      Hanna Kozdroń Avatar Hanna Kozdroń
      4th December 2019
    • positive review  profesjonalne podejście do klienta jak najbardziej polecam

      Michał Borek Avatar Michał Borek
      31st October 2019

      positive review  I highly recommend MURRAY FLYNN MAGUIRE SOLICITOR.Very professional legal advice.Competent and friendly service. I would like to thank to MARI PREDA and RARES MIHAI NICULA with this occasion.(RECOMAND cu INCREDERE)

      Irina Salgau Avatar Irina Salgau
      15th May 2019

      positive review  A big thank you to Murray Flynn Maguire solicitors. Fantastic and professional service, extremely friendly staff. I would like to thank Mari Preda and Rares Mihai Nicula,with this occasion They go over and beyond for you. Highly recommend them.

      Marius Tărniceriu Avatar Marius Tărniceriu
      14th May 2019
    • positive review  I highly recommend Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors they are very professional and responsive. (Recomand cu incredere)

      Eugeniu Elpujan Avatar Eugeniu Elpujan
      13th May 2019

      positive review  We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Murray and Mr. Blazek for all the care and concern. If it weren't for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn't be settled by know. Thank you for your outstanding legal expertise and professionalism which. Thank you for your time, help and effort. Sincerely, Jana and Vladimir

      Janka Harčárová Avatar Janka Harčárová
      28th April 2019

      positive review  I would like to recommend Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors. Thank you Eimear Gray Monika Baranowska Monika Gostomska Jolanta Lenkiewicz and all team for your kindness and professional support in my case.

      Dorota Chojnacka Avatar Dorota Chojnacka
      25th April 2019
    • positive review  I have been dealing with Frank Murray and Monika Forrest for the past 6 months and couldn't commend them enough, they were the most helpful, providing precious advice when required and always keeping the process very human. Thank you for your great help and support!

      Remi Albrand Avatar Remi Albrand
      7th March 2019

      positive review  Dziękuje serdecznie całemu zespołowi Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors a w szczególności osobom prowadzącym moją sprawę : Mr. Frank Murray, Paniom Monice Baranowskiej Forrest, Monice Gostomskiej, Joli Lenkiewicz , dziękuje bardzo. Polecam serdecznie kancelarię Murray Flynn Maguire Solicitors profesjonalna , miła i szybka obsługa w każdym „calu”.

      Jaroslaw Staroscinski Avatar Jaroslaw Staroscinski
      26th February 2019

      positive review  chcialam w imieniu mojej mamy Halina Szkuta goraco podziekowac Monika Forrest oraz calemu zespolowi pracownikow kancelarii Murray Flynn Maguire za pelne zaangazowanie ,profesjonalne i rzetelne przeprowadzenie sprawy.z calego serca polecam

      Sylwia Marta Szkuta Avatar Sylwia Marta Szkuta
      28th November 2018

    Meet Our Team

    We are happy to assist you

    Our native Irish, Polish, Slovak and Romanian teams of professionals are working diligently to assist you. We endeavour to be of utmost assistance at every stage of the proceedings guiding you from our first conversation until the successful outcome of your case.

    Our Legal Services

    Personal Injury* Litigation, Wills and Probate, Property Law, Powers of Attorney and Wardship Matters

    Murray Flynn Solicitors was established in 1996 and since that time has assisted thousands of clients all over Ireland with a wide range of legal services while assuring and maintaining the highest of standards.


    Our Case Studies

    We have an extensive experience in Personal Injury* Litigation assisting clients in road traffic accidents*, accidents at work*, accidents in public places*, bike or motorbike accidents*. We have dealt with a number or trip and fall accidents* where clients suffered i.e. head, neck, arm, leg or back injuries. Please read about the types of cases we successfully completed for our clients.

    COVID-19 - Safety message from Murray Flynn Solicitors

    During the ongoing Covid 19 Restrictions, our office is open for business. We are able to meet safely with clients by appointment in our Fairview office.

    If you have any concerns about coming to meet us to discuss an accident you have been involved in, we are happy to arrange a Zoom Call or meet with you in your own home to advise you.

    Stay safe

    Murray Flynn Solicitors Team